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We are a team of professionals and we provide sophisticated services of transfer pricing studies commissioned by professional accountants or directly by companies of all sectors and countries. We specialize in:

  • economic analyses of databases used and recognized by the tax authorities administrations and international best practice (economic and financial benchmark);
  • preparation of the full documentation on transfer pricing under Italian law [1] (country files and master file);
  •  international tax planning and consulting for restructuring activities of the value chain (business conversions);
  • litigation assistance relating to the investigation of transfer pricing regulations and permanent establishments.

The team
The team is composed by professionals with specific international experience both in the field of transfer pricing and economic evaluations within primary international consulting firms (Big Four).

Our approach is to provide a highly specialized advice which is :

  • Compliant with the requirements of the arm’s length and the specific regulations of the various countries in which the customer operates with particular attention to the Italian and OECD rules, as well as complying with the most modern international professional practice;
  • Practical approach. We assist companies and accountants in the development of  transfer pricing policies that can be implemented and made ​​compatible within enterprises systems and that are easy to monitor and manage over the years.
  •  Simple enough to be understood. Our approach is to ensure our customers an understanding of our advice so that it can be managed in-house by people depending on their level of experience on transfer pricing issues, even if limited. At the same time, after the project has been completed we provide ongoing advice on issues to come, and we are available to assist customers on any investigations that may occur (either by the auditors of the company or by tax authorities).

Experience – Know-how
Our experience is our key. We have:

– Over 15 years of experience on issues relating to transfer pricing developed besides leading multinational groups in the world, including some of the largest Italian realities in both financial and industrial field.

-Working experience in the use of all major database recognized by the Italian and the foreign tax authorities in the field: AIDA, AMADEUS, BLOOMBERG, ROYALTY STAT, ROYALTY SOURCE, Compustat, REUTERS.
Expertise in transfer pricing in many sectors, including pharmaceuticals, banking, software, hi-tech, royalties, management services, intercompany loans.
Experience in transfer pricing litigation and as economic advisers to law firms and clients on related international taxation legal issues.
– Assignments from tax and law firms to provide assistance in assessment relating to transfer pricing.

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